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Thai family finds missing family member for days in a 17-meter-deep well


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Thai family finds missing family member for days in a 17-meter-deep well

They say that if you lose something valuable, you often find it where you least expect it. That certainly turned out to be the case for a family with an estranged uncle they lost sight of 15 years ago and reunited with them after a freak accident that left the man at the bottom of a 17-meter-deep well in Sattahip. found it.

The family said that the man, (let me call him uncle Somchai for convenience) now 55 years old, went off the radar in 2006.

The man disappeared when his phone number changed and she lost contact with him. They never found any record of his death, so for years, they kept hoping that Uncle Somchai was still alive somewhere. As it turned out, they were right, he was still alive and living in a shack on the outskirts of the town of Kled Kaew in Sattahip District of Chonburi Province. According to the locals, Somchai lived mainly off the land and had little contact with others, without really attracting attention.

Until one fateful day last week on July 23 when Somchai really needed attention. He was reverberating in a nearby (wish) well when he accidentally fell into it and plunged 17 meters to the bottom. He screamed and cried for help for hours in the hope that someone would come over to hear him. Finally, after 5 hours, someone heard him whimpering and contacted rescue officials who arrived a short time later and spent 15 minutes pulling the man from the bottom of the pit with a rope.

The story and photos of his rescue were posted on the council’s Facebook page and quickly went viral. As the story and photos of the man spread, the family more than 400 km away were shocked to see their long-lost uncle bobbing at the bottom of the well. They contacted the Facebook page, explaining that it was their long-lost uncle who they were looking for after losing contact and that they were desperate to get back in touch with him.

The village chief of Kled Kaew went to visit the man at home and although the man refused to give details of the estrangement to his family for 15 years, Somchai was still interested in reconnecting with his family. They had a video call and tears flowed as the man was reacquainted with the family he hadn’t seen in years.

Local authorities are working to have the long-lost man tested for Covid-19 and transport him to Surin once it is safe to be reunited with his family.

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