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Thai family leaves home in southern Thailand after 14 cobra invasion


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Thai family leaves home in southern Thailand after 14 cobra invasion

A family in southern Thailand’s Songkhla province has left their home this week after 14 cobras were discovered in their home. The family discovered more and more cobras over a period of four days until they had enough and decided to pull their struts for good.

The 43-year-old father of the house, Erawan, said he found the first newborn baby cobra on Saturday, emerging from a hole in the concrete floor. Erawan discovered more and more of the venomous snakes – curled up under pillows, in his infancy, in clothes, paper bags, blankets and in the wardrobe.

This week, Erawan and his family decided to leave the house in the Hat Yai district to stay with relatives. He said cobras pose a great risk to his children and he was concerned that more would come out of the floor.

The next day, Erawan returned to the house to hunt for more snakes. He sprayed insecticide into the hole and 7 more baby cobras emerged. A total of 14 cobras were found and discarded snakeskins were scattered around the house.

Erawan believes his family had lived in the house with the cobras for more than a month, and he said it was lucky no one was bitten or injured. The family decided to move permanently. The landlord understood and said he would renovate the whole house to get rid of the snakes.

The home’s previous tenant, a 62-year-old man, said he also found cobras in the home while living there. He said he was molting two cobras, so he decided to make them one cup smaller.

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