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Thai gov’t hopes cannabis will save the farmers

The Thai government is now promoting cannabis as a cash crop for the nation’s farmers. It will be used as another way to gain income a senior official said on Sunday.

Deputy government spokeswoman Traisulee Traisoranakul stated, “Everybody has the right to grow marijuana by partnering up with provincial hospitals for medical use.” She also added that those people that are interested would need approval from the authorities first.

“So far, 2,500 households and 251 provincial hospitals have grown 15,000 cannabis plants,” she said. “We hope that cannabis and hemp will be a primary cash crop for farmers.”

Other places that will be able to have a licence to grow cannabis include, community enterprises, traditional medicine professionals, universities and medical professionals.

This announcement has come after cannabis and hemp was removed from Thailands narcotics list.

Ms Traisulee also stated that cannabis can be used in food and drinks at restaurants, however, it has to come from an approved producer. She also added that the Medical Marijuana Institute will hold information sessions for investors and the public this month.

The state drugmaker, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation, said it would buy cannabis from approved community enterprises for up to 45,000 baht per kilogramme for plants containing 12% cannabidiol (CBD).

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