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Thai hoteliers not happy at all with government’s proposal for ‘double prices’ for foreign tourists


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Thailand’s hoteliers have expressed concern over the government’s plans to set double accommodation prices for foreign and local tourists, saying the idea was absolutely impractical to boost tourism and the domestic economy in this way.

According to the government spokesman, the government would introduce a two-tier fare condition, whereby foreign visitors could be charged rates comparable to the pre-pandemic period while allowing local tourists to continue enjoying at the current discounted rates.

The chairwoman of the Thai Hotel Association, Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi, said the idea of ​​double pricing was “impractical” as hotel room prices are constantly changing based on market conditions. In addition, each hotel of each star rate also uses different strategies to set their own prices.

“What the government could do is work together and consult with our association to run domestic campaigns and offer special prices for Thai tourists,” she suggested.

Charintip Tiyaphorn, chairman of Krabi’s Tourism Council, added that the idea could create a negative image of Thai tourism, as everyone, regardless of nationalities, should be treated equally as guests.

He emphasized: “Every guest should be treated fairly and equally. Clear communication is also crucial as this is a sensitive topic that could damage the reputation of the Thai tourism industry and hoteliers.”

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