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Thai lady falls into 6-foot hole while chatting on her phone


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A Thai lady has fallen into a 2-meter hole that serves as a water tank. Others present at the scene believe she was busy on the phone and failed to notice the hole in the ground and tumbled straight down 2 meters.

The Ruamkatanyu Foundation received a report at 2 p.m. yesterday that a woman had fallen into a concrete water tank at a construction site. The water tank was placed underground and is more than 2 meters deep. The incident took place in Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan province. The rescue team went to the specified location immediately after receiving the report.

The rescue team found 26-year-old Rattana Kleeiam, a construction site worker, in the water tank. Rattana from Kamphaeng Phet Province accidentally fell into the deep water tank. She couldn’t move when the team found her. The team used special equipment to extract Rattana from the concrete tank. They then used a chain hoist found at the construction site to pull Rattana out.

Rattana was taken to a nearby hospital. Another worker at the construction site stated that just before the incident, he noticed that Rattana had an incoming call. Rattana picked up the call and began to walk in circles as she was on the phone. He thinks she was focused on the phone call and accidentally stepped on a wooden plank placed on top of the water tank opening. The wooden plank broke and she fell straight to the bottom of the empty tank.

The underground water tank was not cordoned off in any way and warning signs were also missing from the construction site.

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