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Thai man wins 12 million baht in Thai state lottery and asks his ex-wife to stay as far away as possible


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A Thai man, father of four, has won a prize of 12 million baht in the latest lottery draw. The man messaged his ex-wife not to contact him because she left all the children behind, and he was on his own to take care of the children.

The 70-year-old winner sat in a chair crying after realizing that he had become a millionaire overnight and that his and the children’s well-being will change forever. He plans to spend some of the money by buying a car for each of his 4 children. He will also use the money to pay off student loans and build a new house in another province.

Named Dang Tippanet, he has now completed the registration of his winning tickets with Police Lieutenant Pao Sanggongplee at Udon Thani Police Station. He has 2 winning tickets with the number 070935 which are worth 6 million THB each.

The police, villagers and many “friends” gathered to congratulate the lucky winner at the police station. They all wanted their picture taken with the man who became a millionaire overnight.

Dang says that he used to work as a tour bus driver. He has retired due to age and has been separated from his ex-wife for 8 years. His ex-wife left him to be with another man and he has remained single ever since. Since the divorce, Dang takes care of his 4 children alone.

The winner said that he regularly buys lottery tickets every month in case he gets lucky. He has won small prizes before, such as 2-digit wins. On September 14, 2021, Dang visited a grandchild in Sakon Nakhon Province. He went to a market and saw tickets with the numbers 070 and 35, these are numbers he likes. Since the tickets had both numbers, he bought them both. He was hoping to win a small prize, but when the lottery draw date arrived, he was beyond shocked.

Dang will use the money to pay off debts, including 400,000 baht for the mortgage on his house and

300,000 Baht in student loans for his children. After all debts are paid off, Dang will buy one new car for each of his children. He also plans to buy land in Sakon Nakhon province where he will build a new house to start a new life.

When asked if his ex-wife will come back what he is going to do, Dang answers that he would rather continue with his single life and is now living happily with his children and grandchildren.

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