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Friday, January 27, 2023

Thai Minister of Culture says Songkran can be celebrated next month, with precautionary measures for Covid-19


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Yesterday the Thai Minister of Culture confirmed that the Ministry of Culture will support traditional and cultural based activities for Songkran this year, that is due to take place next monthin April.

As we all know, Sonkran is the biggest and best Thai holiday of the year and is celebrated as the Thai New Year and the biggest water festival.

The Minister also added that other individual events such as Khaosan Road’s Celebration or Pattaya’s Annual Celebration, would need to be decided based on organizers and that crowd control strategies and Covid-19 precautions must take place.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan O’Cha had stated that this decision has been a very difficult one, and that the CCSA and the Thai Government will be having further conversations regarding the guidelines for event organizers in the coming week.

It has been well documented that Thailands overall Covid-19 situation has improved everyday since the second bout of infections that had broken out in December last year.

Last year Sonkran had been cancelled due to the pandemic and cost the economy billions based on the research that have been performed by The Bank of Thailand. If the event does go ahead this year then this will surely help to bring back some of the money that has been lost due to lockdown.

This week Ramayana water park had announced that it will be holding Songkran related events and makes them the first venue to announce upcoming promotons

Songkran normally runs from April the 13th to April the 15th, however areas such as Pattaya tends to celebrate the event on different days in order to drive tourism. Details on restrictions and rules are likely to come in the near future, along with any announcements about the event in Pattaya.\

The article was first published in the Pattaya News

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