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Thai monks and their students caught drinking alcohol and involved in an intimate relationship


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A video clip has appeared on Thai social media in which 8 monks and novices indulged in drinking alcohol in their temple accommodation. Another video and a screenshot of the conversation also indicated that the monk had an intimate relationship with a novice.

The party is said to have taken place at the Nikom Kitiyaram temple in the northeastern province of Ubon Ratchatani. The abbot of the temple replied to questions that they were ancient statues and said that 2 monks from the group in the video had already been forced to leave the monkship. But others who joined the feast were still in the temple and would be questioned about the incident and undergo necessary disciplinary action.

The first video featured 8 monks and novices gathering in their rooms with alcohol and food. They also sang “happy birthday” instead of their Buddhist songs. The other video clearly showed that 2 of the monks were in an intimate relationship and hugging each other.

There was also a conversation on social media between 2 of the monks who said he broke up with a novice and wanted to throw another party.

The abbot, Prachot Kittikhun, told Thai media that the story happened 2 months ago during the New Year period. The monk and novice who was discovered to be having a sexual relationship had travelled from another province and asked to stay in the temple.

The abbot said he never noticed they were a couple until the residents showed him the videos.

The couple has been forced to leave the monkhood since the images were discovered and circulated.

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