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Thai National Physicians Association Claims COVID-19 Infections Are Increasing, Not Falling


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The Thai National Physicians Association, the RDS has warned Thai people to be wary, noting that the COVID19 infections in Thailand are not declining, as is widely misunderstood. On the contrary, they are increasing, on average more than 20,000 cases per day.

In a Facebook post, the RDS said: “Watch and be alert” as the Administrative Center for Covid19 Control, the CCSA, yesterday showed two numbers for new infections, from different testing methods – 10,817 cases of RT-PCR tests and 10,055 cases of antigen testing.

Yesterday’s actual infections from the two test results should have been more than 20,000 cases, the RDS said.

However, in today’s news briefing, the CCSA announced the 10,817 infections. Referring to the 3,000 serious cases registered yesterday, the RDS said the growth in severe cases has not slowed, clearly indicating that daily infections in Thailand should have been about 30,000 cases and the numbers should increase as more people live in risk zones. being tested.

Covid19 infections are on the rise, especially in the “red zones,” the RDS claims, noting that the Interior Ministry and local government organizations are showing signs of fatigue and complacency, while politicians are more concerned about election preparation.

However, the Department of Health cannot afford to be complacent or more new clusters will emerge “like mushrooms”, according to the RDS, which forecast the chart of new infections will rise sharply in the coming weeks.

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