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Who needs guns? Police in Thailand’s rural Chainat province today resorted to a decidedly old-school method of taking down an armed predator: a fishing net.

In a public exhibition/stunt held today at the province’s largest mall — Tesco Lotus — police demonstrated how they could arrest a knife-wielding assailant by tossing a net over him.

As no doubt perplexed shoppers looked on, a man portraying a crazed criminal held a woman hostage  in the middle of Tesco, pointing a knife at her throat, MThai reported.

Thai Police Demonstrate Catching Knife-wielding Criminal With Fishing Net

At that point, the police proceeded with a fake negotiation, agreeing to giving the kidnapper a getaway car. But as he let go of the victim and made a run for the vehicle — haha! — police tossed the fishing net over the man Gladiator-style.

Officers then held the criminal down on the floor with bizarre metal poles — poles which were sadly not tridents — before taking his knife away. Day. Saved.

Go and sin no more, lawbreakers. There is a fishing net with your name on it.

Source :  Love Pattaya

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