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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Thai think tank suggests there will be 1 million unemployed in Thailand by the end of the year


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The Thailand Development Research Institute, a Thai think tank, estimates that there will be 1 million unemployed in Thailand by the end of the year if Covid continues to rage “out of control”.

Yongyuth Chalamwong, associate professor and director of labour development research in the think tank’s human resources and social development division, told Thai media yesterday that the partial lockdown measures have had far-reaching consequences for businesses and the labour market.

The professor says that if the situation lasts until the end of the year, 1 million people will be unemployed, representing almost 3% of people of working age.

Yongyuth says that to mitigate the situation, the government should give people cash subsidies of at least 100 baht a day until the situation improves.

However, Tanit Sorat, the vice president of the employers’ federation of Thai trade and industry, says that cash aid that the taxpayer provides for a month to workers/freelancers in the “dark red” provinces is hardly any help. With regard to Tani’s statement, it was not clear why financial aid would be of little help.

Instead, Tanit is proposing “long-term measures” to help the unemployed, as well as short-term employment schemes to help about 500,000 college students about to graduate. It was not reported what the “long-term” or “short-term” measures consisted of.

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