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The state tobacco enterprise is licking is head over heels over the prospect of selling cannabis cigarettes – This is just as soon as health officials give it the OK.

With your daily joint nearly readily available in your nearest convenience store as tobacco, it has proposed the production of CBD smokes, drenched in a smokescreen of “health benefits” because, of course, there’s nothing Big Tobacco cares about more than our public health.

Daonoi Suttiniphapunt, Tobacco Authority managing director has said, “Our main intention when requesting a license had to do with the medical benefits, research and extracting the oils to export to other countries. … but if the Ministry of Health lets us produce cigarettes, we are ready to do so immediately.”

Daonoi t said the cigarettes authority would produce if when approved, would likely contain primarily CBD – the non-psychoactive compound that doesn’t get people high.

As the decriminalization of cannabis spreads throughout the United States, CBD would produce more for the socially conservative states such as Texas and Utah and have found they can give support for its medical benefits.

Dispensaries in those states would sell it in oil, powder, liquid and cigarette form.

Earlier in the year, the Tobacco Authority said it would help tobacco growers switch their crops to cannabis since cigarette sales are expected to fall further mainly due to the tax hikes. Daonoi has also said, cigarette profits may shrink by another THB400 million to 500 million (US$13 million to $16 million) this year.

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