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Thai tourism industry is recovering, says minister

The Thai tourism industry, which was dealt a serious blow since mid-July from a substantial drop in Chinese arrivals, has started to recover, say the Thais.
A tourist boat tragedy in the sea off Phuket killed 47 Chinese tourists. Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister blamed the Chinese themselves for the disaster.

Now, they say, there are more arrivals from other Asean countries, as Tourism and Sports Minister Veerasak Kowsurat claimed on Monday.

He said tourist arrivals from Asean countries have made up a shortfall in number of tourists from other countries.

“The tourism situation has adjusted itself (a Bangkok Jack Report) and we don’t have to depend too heavily on just one segment,” said the minister.

He attributed Thailand’s diversity that has attracted tourists from many countries, not just China.

“They came here not because it is cheap, but because of our diversity. The only thing we must do is to be a good host,” said Mr Veerasak.

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