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Thai Woman Has Six Plastic Surgery Ops At Once


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Dramatic pictures show how a Thai plastic surgery addict had SIX operations at once to get the perfect abs.

Nayika Thongom, 25, went under the knife in Bangkok, Thailand, where surgeons performed liposuction on her waist, stomach, thighs and groin. She also had a nose job and and silicone removed from her chin.

Pictures of her in the hospital bed moments after finishing the cosmetic work show how she had so many bandages on her body she resembled an Egyptian mummy.

But now a few days after the operations, Nayika is ecstactic about her new look which she says enhances her abs – because ‘’exercise could not make the perfect body’’.

She said: ‘’I consulted with my doctor and decided that liposuction was the best procedure for me because I always want my body look firm and sexy.

‘’Sometimes you just have to admit that exercise cannot give you everything you want for your body.’’

Nayika, who now lives in Shenzhen, China, said that her obsession with the plastic surgery began when she was a teenager. She was often called the ugly girl which made her lose a lot of self-confidence.

Since then she has undergone a number of procedures on her face and her breasts.

The university worker said: ‘’I was very fat and had a very dark skin that everyone kept calling me ‘boar’ like a pig. I once was dumped by a guy only because he said I was ugly.’’

Nayika, who studied medicine at university, then started doing plastic surgery of her nose and chin as well as working out and eating healthy food.

But she found that even that was not enough to satisfy her. So she paid for the costly fat removal process to give her bikini body a more defined and toned appearance.

Nayika added: ‘’It’s very difficult to get a perfect body shape exactly like I want it to be. Now I’m tired and I’ve spent so much money on it.

‘’It’s very hard to maintain a shape. But after liposuction, I must be disciplined, exercise more and start eating right, otherwise it will be the same as before.’’

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