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Thailand has abolished the wearing of masks

Wearing masks on the streets has become completely voluntary for all residents and visitors to Thailand, with the exception of persons at risk

The corresponding decree was published in the Royal Gazette on June 23 with the indication that it takes effect immediately. As approved at the previous meeting of the Situation Group on Coronavirus in Thailand, wearing masks is required only in places with a high density of people per square meter and poor ventilation, where social distance cannot be maintained. This category includes public transport, markets and concert venues.

Also in Thailand, masks remain mandatory for people at risk of acquiring a coronavirus infection with serious consequences. These are people in the so-called “Group 608”, which according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health includes persons over the age of 60, pregnant women (with a pregnancy period of 12 weeks or more), and people with a number of diseases (chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, neurosauric diseases, cancer, diabetes, and obesity).

Masks are also mandatory for people with confirmed coronavirus or who have had contact with a sick person.

At the same time, since June 23, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ochi has ordered that all provinces of Thailand are from that day a zone of “coronavirus surveillance”, that is, the minimum control and restrictions.

At the same time, simplified rules of entry into the country – the abolition of Thailand Pass and insurance – will take effect only from July 1. Related information was also published in the Royal Gazette. Rules of entry into Thailand for those who have not been vaccinated and do not have a negative test for coronavirus, apparently, will be further clarified in the coming days. Earlier it was said that they would be subjected to random tests at the border.

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