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Thailand has so far 621 million baht in “victims” of a Covid19 vaccination


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Thailand has so far 621 million baht in “victims” of a Covid19 vaccination

The Thai “Vaccine Side Effects Fund” program which aims to pay financial compensation to people with mild or severe side effects after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine has now paid 621 million baht to 6,177 recipients.  

The national health office is responsible for the aid program, which pays out up to 100,000 baht for minor side effects and up to 400,000 baht for side effects leading to disability or death.

The NHSO’s Compensation for the Negative Effects of Vaccination Program was set up to address vaccine hesitancy and build confidence in people who feared a vaccine would harm them. Knowing that they could get financial compensation if they get sick from a vaccine reassured many to get their vaccination.

Of the 9,245 people who requested compensation, 6,177 were eligible for financial aid. Another 1,569 cases are pending, pending a decision on whether or not they qualify for benefits. Eligible patients received a total of 621 million baht, which is an average of 100,534 baht per person.

Most of the applications for financial payments in the vaccination program to date have come from Bangkok. Chiang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani and Udon Thani were the second most popular provinces seeking compensation for side effects of the vaccine. 46% of people seeking help were part of the universal gold card health system, while 27% were members of the Social Security program. The remaining 27% were civil servants.

A panel of experts and citizen groups reviews the applications received to determine their eligibility. Anyone negatively affected by the vaccination can claim compensation by visiting NHSO facilities, provincial health departments, or wherever they received their vaccination. Claims must be made within 2 years of discovery of side effects.

The NHSO said 1,296 people were compensated up to 400,000 baht after being disabled by vaccines or dying, though they did not provide an individual number for the number of deaths. 4,770 people were compensated for minor side effects of up to 100,000 baht. The main side effects of the patients were nausea, difficulty breathing, fever, chest pain, weak legs and arms and phylaxis shock.

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