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Thailand is looking forward with hope to the Indian “big spenders” during the Diwali holiday October / November


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Thailand’s tourism board has reported that Thailand is looking for Indian travellers during the traditional holiday season to boost its tourism-dependent economy, which has been hit hard by the absence of the usual crowd of holidaymakers from countries, including those from China.

Meanwhile, Somsong of the Thai tourism industry said she expects Indian tourists to visit Thailand in large numbers during Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, next month.

Somsong Sachaphimukh, Vice President of the Council, also agrees with the expectation of Somsong. This Hindu festival of lights should help boost tourism as it coincides with the planned lifting of quarantine for vaccinated visitors from November 1.

Indians, who were Thailand’s third-largest group of visitors before the pandemic, maybe returning to Thai beaches for destination vacations, conferences and weddings.

Thailand is betting on travellers from other origins to take advantage of the relaxed rules for tourists, as outbound Chinese travel is not expected to resume anytime soon.

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