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Thailand is looking for one lucky traveler to explore their country and experience Thai life all while making sweet cash doing it.

A few years ago, the concept of someone dropping everything to go live in another country for a month as a tourism publicity stunt was something new and exciting. Now it’s still exciting, but its definitely a formula that we’ve seen before.

That said, leaving your daily grind to go live in Thailand? And get paid? That’s a hard bargain to pass up.

DreamJobbing is partnering with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to host yet another contest where the lucky winner gets to travel to Thailand to star in their own documentary. They call it “The Local Traveler In Thailand,” and “if chosen, your job will be to travel throughout Thailand experiencing life as a true local.”


The lucky winner will get an all-expenses-paid flight to Thailand where they’ll travel the country, staying with various families and experiencing life as a true Thai citizen. While there will certainly be visits to some of Thailand’s tourist hotspots, the documentary will also look to venture off the beaten path to see what life in Thailand is really like.

To be fair, this is less of a contest and more like a job application. To apply, you’ll need to submit a 60-second video saying who you are, what’s your story, and why you’re the perfect person to host a documentary of life in Thailand. Although the job is open to all ages and backgrounds, the selected candidate will probably be relatively young, pretty, and have a lot of followers on social media.

Ideally, the person selected will be an “adventurous spirit” looking for a “once-in-a-lifetime” adventure. They should also be able to deal with Thailand’s 100-degree heat and the occasional monsoon.

Filming begins in either January or February and will last for 2-3 weeks. Roundtrip airfare and all in-country expenses are paid for, along with a small salary paid daily. DreamJobbing didn’t say how much, but this is more for the experience than the money.

Casting is ongoing, so submit your applications before January to see if you get selected.

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