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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thailand offers simplified visa for digital nomads


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Authorities on the Thai island of Phuket are proposing a separate visa scheme for foreign IT professionals to attract them to Thailand.

First of all, they refer to high-class programmers and IT specialists from Russia, as well as other developed countries, Germany and the USA. Excellent climate, developed entertainment environment, great opportunities for recreation and no less productive atmosphere for work – for foreign expats working remotely in Phuket may soon appear new opportunities – a simplified visa.

A proposal for this has been sent to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand by Rawat Arerob, president of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization.

Who are the digital nomads?

Digital nomads are foreign expats who are usually engaged in digital, information technology and other online work. They are a category of people who live, travel and continue to work while using the Internet to make money. Some of them choose Thailand as a temporary home, while others decide to buy villas and apartments and stay for a long time.

Some of the digital nomads may run a business, controlling processes remotely, or work under contract, for example, to do design, writing, programming. Some foreigners living in Thailand for a long time make money through cryptocurrency trading, blogging, as well as online teaching of foreign languages or working in any other distance schools.

Visa for digital nomads in Thailand

Authorities in Phuket are pushing for a visa scheme for so-called “digital nomads” who want to live or stay in Thailand while working remotely. Under the proposed visa scheme, proposed to be called Phuket X Community for Digital NOMADs, digital nomads would be offered a work permit and stay in the island province for six months to a year.

The visa scheme will be convenient for foreigners, as with it it will be possible to open a savings account at a local bank and buy health insurance.

The country’s government reports that many digital nomads spend enough time in Thailand and earn a high income, adding that foreigners can thus help develop the tourism sector and stimulate the economy.

Why is the introduction of a visa for digital nomads proposed now?

The tourism industry in Phuket suffered significantly during the coronavirus epidemic. If we start issuing visas and work permits to digital nomads, the island will no longer be so dependent on seasonal tourists. Authorities also believe that increasing the number of digital expats on the island will help open up new business opportunities such as co-working spaces, cafes and restaurants that will target this category of residents.

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