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Thailand police rescue a woman who was locked in her own bathroom for 3 days


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Thailand police rescue a woman who was locked in her own bathroom for 3 days

On Friday Thai police rescued a woman who had been locked in her bathroom for three days in her home in the On Nut area of ​​Bangkok. Believing that she would die alone in the bathroom, the woman had written a chilling farewell message on the bathroom wall.

At 7:14 p.m., Phra Nakhon Police Station officers received a call from an A (pseudonym) – asking for help. A said she had been unable to contact her sister for three days since August 22, so police went to the four-story mansion on Soi On Nut 27 to investigate, where she was waiting for them outside. .

The police had a tough job getting into the well-secured house. Police climbed over the high iron gate, then used pliers to break through the locked front door and another rolling steel door.

The police searched the house floor by floor, and when they got to the third floor, they heard a soft knock from the bathroom door. They opened the door and found 54-year-old Khun B (pseudonym).

Khun B explained to the police that she lives alone and had been locked in the bathroom since around 8pm on Monday. When she went to the bathroom, the doorknob broke and she couldn’t get out. She drank tap water to stay alive, she told police.

Khun B used cream to write a goodbye message on the bathroom wall…

“I’ve been stuck in the toilet since August 22. If I die, let Jay Lek take care of my will. Give Tuk’s house to Tua Toon Tum. I drank tap water to survive. Without water I would be dead. I tried to pry and pound my way out, I tried to scream, but no one hears me.”

Khun B went to the hospital for a check-up and was found to be in good health. B and her relatives thanked police officers from Phra Nakhon Police Station for saving her life.

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