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Thailand’s army is preparing 23 refugee camps for 40,000 refugees on the Myanmar border


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Thailand’s military is preparing 23 refugee camps in the border province of Tak to provide shelter to many Myanmar people fleeing Myanmar’s deadly military crackdown following the February 1 coup

The 3rd Army commander has stated that it had also drawn up a plan for border health screening and camp arrangements for nearly 40,000 refugees.

Those arriving at the border will be divided into three groups:

1. Thai citizens working in Myanmar.

2. Nationals of Myanmar (civilians and armed forces) 3. Foreigners, members of international organizations or NGOs and political refugees.

The planned 23 refugee camps can accommodate up to 39,400 refugees. 10 of the camps are located in Mae Sot district with a total capacity of 19,200 refugees, two in Phob Phra district (2,000 refugees), two in Mae Ramat district (6,000 refugees), five camps are in Umphang district (4,200 refugees) and four in the Tha Song Yang district (8,000 refugees.

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