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Thailand’s tourist police chief is committed to protecting Thailand’s image


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The head of Thailand’s tourist police is tired of Thailand’s image being ruined by taxi drivers who constantly refuse to enforce tourist fares.

He has asked the tourists to inform his department immediately, preferably with pictures of license plates and they will do something about it. In this way, the country would lose its bad image and compete with other countries for the tourist Baht.

The decree came from the chief, Lieutenant General Sukhun Promayon, through his senior spokesman, Major General Apichart Suribunya.

It’s an unusual move; Matters related to denial of fares are not handled by the tourist police, normally this is the domain of the Land Transport Department.

The fact that the tourist police chief has intervened shows the country’s anger that the problem of taxi driver refusal is increasing as the country competes with other countries in the wake of the pandemic.

General Apichart said the tourist police had received numerous complaints about taxi drivers refusing fares in tourist areas by calling 1155. Especially when it rains.

He said this unprofessional attitude is hurting Thailand’s image for tourism at a time when competition is fierce, Siam Rath reported.

He said that Thailand is indeed a top tourist destination in the world, but that such activities tarnish the good name of the kingdom.

He urged tourists to call 1155 and send a photo of the license plate. The tourist police will then contact the DLT so that if the driver is found guilty, the appropriate punishment will be given.

He also called on all Thais to help and encourage “professionalism” in this matter.

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