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Thais blame ‘foreigners’ for all the trash and filth


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Thais Blame ‘Foreigners’: Thais have hit back on Facebook that they are solely to blame for messing up Thai beaches.

The comments come after a woman under the name of “Aom Amongrat” posted a video and pictures of an unnamed foreigner collection trash at Nai Han beach.

The poster said that Thais should be ashamed that a foreigner was collecting rubbish.

But many posters countered that they were all foreigners on that beach anyway.

Winit Saengjae said: “There are only foreigners – I don’t see why we should be ashamed”.

Ball Jirawat agreed saying: “The foreigners should be ashamed. There are no Thais there”.

Aiw Thidarat went further using some expressive language: “Farangs throw litter too. After they have scoffed down their lunch they just toss the trash anywhere. It’s not just Thais to blame”.

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