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The Adventures of Foreigners in Thailand – Drunk and Crazy


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Drunk tourists vandalize landmarks and fight with police in Thailand, a couple of stories of how not to behave in Thailand

A drunken English tourist vandalized a statue of a water buffalo at the Bangkok Art Biennale and refused not only to make amends, but even to simply apologize.

The water buffalo sculpture called Kwai Calm (Calm Buffalo) fell to pieces after a drunken British tourist tried to climb the installation installed in front of the Samyan Mitrtown complex on Rama IV Street.

The sculpture, created by artist Maitri Siribun, was part of the Bangkok Art Biennale, which runs through February at 11 locations throughout Bangkok. The festival’s executive director and artistic director called it a “sad day.”

“A sad day when we report that Kwai Calm Maitri Siribuna, whose water buffalo albino housed in Samyan Midtown, so beloved and appreciated by passersby and visitors to the art biennale, was destroyed by a drunken British tourist,” Apinan Poshyananda wrote on his social media page.

The executive director then elaborated on the tourists who were at fault.

“Last night around 2 a.m., a group of English and German tourists were having a great time. Joshua Anthony Burgoyne, a 34-year-old drunken English guy who was particularly energetic, tried to climb the sculpture. His first attempt failed, then he tried again, with the result that the work of art couldn’t support his weight and fell to pieces.”

According to Apinan, the British tourist and his friends were taken to the police station, where they refused to apologize or pay any compensation.

The remains of the “Calm Buffalo” will be left in place for a few days for those who want to “say goodbye to the work of art.” The Kwai Calm statue was on display at The Peninsula Bangkok in October before being moved to its official location at Samyan Mitrtown. Goodbye, Calm Buffalo.

The antics of tourists in Pattaya

Meanwhile in Pattaya, another British tourist suddenly jumped into the water from a boat returning from Ko Lana, near Balihai Pier. The British tourist was behaving very aggressively and refused help from Savang Boribun lifeguards.

The disturbed British citizen tried to hide behind the concrete piers of Balihai Pier, but the rescuers eventually managed to tie a rope around him and lift him out of the water to a boat after an hour.

It turned out that the Briton was not even going to calm down, as the man fiercely resisted on shore and began to fight immediately with the rescuers and the police. The Anglo-Saxon did not calm down all the way while he was being taken to the Pattaya police station.

According to police, the man is approximately 45 years old, but his name has not been released as police believe the man is suffering from a mental disorder. It is not known what measures will be taken against the tourist and whether he will be taken to a psychiatric hospital after he was taken to the Pattaya police station.

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