From London to Krakow, millions of young Europeans skipped school and took to the streets this Friday to demand urgent action against climate change.

Euronews selected the best pictures from this historic day of mobilization — one of the largest since the launch of “Fridays for the Future,” the school strike movement started by 16-year old Greta Thunberg in Sweden last year.

Witty slogans, colourful costumes, drawings, performances: the pictures illustrate how protesters across the region deployed their creativity to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

A young woman in the British capital was seen pushing a baby-troller with the slogan “I have a right to a future.”

Throughout Germany, activists of “Ice on the rope” stood on blocks of ice under makeshift gallows.

In France, protesters held paintings of Greta Thunberg depicted as a kind of religious icon.

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