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The body of a Russian woman who disappeared a week ago was found in Phuket

The body of missing Russian woman found in Thailand – 53-year-old Elena Radchenko drowned on the beach in Phuket in a stormy sea

Six days on the resort island of Phuket were searching for the 53-year-old Elena Radchenko, who was vacationing with friends on the beach Knighton October 21, went for a swim in the sea, and since then no one has seen her. The woman’s clothes were left under a tree where they were sitting, Elena disappeared without a trace, and all services on the island, including volunteers and concerned friends, were looking for her.

Today on October 26 Elena Radchenko’s body was found in the sea, near Patong beach. The call about the discovery came to the rescue service at 9 am, the staff transported the body to a local hospital to determine the true cause of death of the woman.

The investigation and search for the Russian woman revealed that she arrived in Thailand on October 20 and settled on Naiton Beach in Phuket. The next day she went for a swim with friends, and when they left the beach, she said she would swim some more, despite the stormy weather and strong waves in the sea.

After six days of extensive searches around the island, Elena’s body was found 40 kilometers from where she was last seen. At present the relatives of the deceased were informed, the Minister of Tourism of Thailand expressed his condolences and gratitude to all the participants of the search.

We quote the Ural edition of www.e1.ru, whose correspondents spoke with acquaintances of Elena Radchenko in Yekaterinburg, who are still waiting for news of her fate in faraway Thailand.

In her homeland Elena worked as head of the corporate communications service of the Sverdlovsk railroad. For the past few years, the woman lived in a house on Sheinkman Street, in an apartment on the top, ninth, floor. But at the end of September, she suddenly sent a farewell message in a neighbor’s chat room.

– Dear neighbors, I am leaving you. Thank you all very much for many years of warmth and mutual help, – Elena wrote before she left the chat room.

Neighbors remember Elena as a beautiful and calm woman, but beyond the greetings in the stairwell, the relationship with her never went further. She lived alone in the apartment.

– She has a grown-up son, but he did not live here, that’s for sure. But she obviously had a lot of friends and acquaintances. One day she got sick, so they took turns coming to visit her and bringing her food and medicine,” said Elena’s former roommate on the floor. – We have no idea why she moved out. She wouldn’t tell us. New tenants moved into her apartment in late September, and they began parking their car in her parking spot.

However, there are neighbors in the building with whom Elena was more straightforward. Her acquaintance Vitaly from the first entrance said that the woman sold her apartment on Sheinkman for a new one on Tatischeva. She was going to move into the Vysota housing complex this coming winter.

– She had been dreaming of this move! She said that her apartment was on a very high floor – she would sit there, look at the city and meditate, – recalls an acquaintance of the deceased Elena Radchenko. – And meanwhile, temporarily, she settled in a rented apartment near the railway station. Apparently, near work.

The 53-year-old Elena went to Thailand with a group of friends. According to a search report, on the morning of Thursday, October 20, the woman went to the beach with one of her friends. Later, the tourist was left to swim alone. No one else has seen her since. Local police are considering different versions, one of them is an incident in the water. On the day of Elena’s disappearance, there was a big storm in the sea.

– You can’t joke about the sea. Even in our shallow bodies of water, people drown, let alone at sea. She’s desperate. She could have gone into the water, – Konstantin, a friend of the missing, told E1.RU. – The search operation according to the local laws lasts seven days, then it’s closed. Well, what can be found after seven days? No traces, nothing. Generally, there’s an island, people rarely go missing without a trace.

A total of a search operation missing Russian woman Elena Radchenko in Phuket involved about a hundred people, including police and rescuers island. The woman was searched for on land, in the sea and from the air with the help of a helicopter.

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