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The border between Kanchanaburi and Myanmar is closed until further notice until.……?


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The border between Kanchanaburi and Myanmar is closed until further notice until.……?

This western province of Thailand has been ordered to close its border with Myanmar effective today, Monday, August 2. The border will remain closed until further notice. The closure is a precaution against people fleeing the worsening Covid situation in the nearby country. The order comes from the governor of Kanchanaburi, Khun Jirakiart Phumisawat.-7*

Myanmar’s health care system is reportedly in shambles following mass arrests of medics who opposed the military regime. Also, a lack of vaccines has led to the spread of Covid and the extremely high death toll.

Jirakiart says the provincial committee on communicable diseases has made the decision to close the border because the Covid pandemic is “very serious” and many people are trying to flee the disease. These people are trying to find asylum in Kanchanaburi through 43 natural border crossings.

Road checks are reportedly being set up along routes that align with the border. They will be manned by police, troops and local officials. Public transport is only accessible at certain locations. The transportation of consumer goods, medical supplies and domestic mail to and from 5 districts in Kanchanaburi is allowed.

Due to the 371 kilometre long border, 5 city districts/subdistricts are closed off. The 5 districts/sub-districts are:

  • Sangkhla Buric
  • String Pha Phum
  • Sai Yoko
  • Ban Kao
  • Jarakhae Phuek

The governor of Kanchanaburi has also imposed a curfew from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. If anyone wants to leave their domicile during the curfew, they need permission from their respective district chief.

A few days ago, The Thiager magazine wrote that Cambodia is planning the closure of 8 provinces with provinces bordering Thailand. And earlier this month, 8 women were arrested who allegedly crossed Myanmar’s Moei River into northern Thailand’s Tak Province.

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