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The coastal city of Pattaya has indefinitely postponed reopening as Covid-19 continues


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The coastal city of Pattaya has indefinitely postponed reopening as Covid-19 continues

Thailand’s tourism authorities, the TAT has announced that Pattaya’s reopening plan to start on September 1 has been postponed indefinitely.  

With the Covid19 virus still sweeping the province of Chonburi, the TAT has admitted that it will not be possible to safely reopen to international travellers within 20 days. The coastal town of Hua Hin and other tourist areas have received the same bad news from the TAT.

The news is not surprising, by the way, as the Covid-19 shutdown will continue after 4 months until the day of the injunction that forced most companies to close as the third wave of the Coronavirus began to spread rapidly across the country, but it is yet to come. always a little bit of hope with the companies and people who are desperately looking to start earning money again.

Chonburi province is currently a maximum control zone with almost everything closed, including beaches, parks, shops and eateries, so reopening to international travellers seems impossible. More than 1,000 Covid-19 cases a day are reported in the province, although many are discovered in factories and industrial labour camps.

Vaccination in this province is also extremely slow and still a long way from reaching the target of the 70% herd immunity needed for reopening, although the mayor of Pattaya expects that once vaccination coverage in Bangkok is high and the situation improves, Pattaya will become an area of ​​focus for mass vaccination.

Pattaya’s reopening plan, titled “Pattaya Move On”, was intended as a gentle reopening, slowly letting foreigners back in, despite the nightlife and entertainment venues Pattaya is known to have closed.

Certain SHA Plus approved resorts and hotels would allow international travellers to come and sealed routes would be created to allow for day trips to islands, beaches, temples and other safe attractions.

A full reopening where tourists can be completely free to do as they please is probably a long way off, as residents yearn for the 10 million foreign and 7 million domestic tourists who came in 2019, making Pattaya the 19th most visited city in the world. world. Officials hope to reopen to domestic tourism by at least the fourth quarter of this year.

Still, the city will continue to set the framework for the now-delayed Move On-Plan and prepare for the time when reopening could be possible. A Standard Operation Procedure Plan is underway and arrangements are being made for the proposed sealed routes so that Pattaya is ready and ready to launch as soon as it is deemed safe again.

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