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According to the Doping Authority, the use of steroids in the Netherlands is not addressed enough. It is a dangerous substance, but not everyone is aware of that. Serginio spoke with Herman Ram of the Doping Authority about the negative effects of steroids and why it is better not to start. 

“So it has an effect on muscles and one of the muscles in your body is the heart. Few people think about that .”

Anabolic steroids are synthetic steroids derived from the male sex hormone testosterone. ” In principle, they do the same as the male sex hormone, so muscle growth, but it also causes other things: voice reduction, beard growth and possibly also youth pimples,” explains Herman.

In addition to pimples, the use of steroids can also entail serious risks. “So it has an effect on muscles and one of the muscles in your body is the heart. Few people think about that, but the heart also gets a hit from steroids use and if you use it for a long time, it’s also quite a dangerous tap,” says Hermann.

Can’t steroids also be used safely? Herman explains that it can never be completely safe. ” There are people, very few by the way, who have to use it for medical reasons. They simply get a prescription for it, because they have a different problem. That’s fine, of course, but every use has risks. Of course, it is. that, the more you use and the longer you use, the greater the risks are, so little and short is in any case preferable.”

If you are still considering using anabolic steroids, Herman recommends that you think it through again with the right information. “In any case, make sure you really know what it’s about. So really look at information and if you still want to use it, I would try to keep a doctor there who keeps an eye on that. Even better is a so-called That is a hospital in Haarlem where you can be tested for all kinds of health aspects to make sure that everything is going well, ” says Herman. You can also visit the website of the Doping Authority for more information. ” There is a lot of information there that you can really build on. Make sure you know what you are doing.”

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