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The Duke of Edinburgh, Britain’s Longest-Serving Royal Consort, Has Died Aged 99


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Prince Phillip will be remembered most simply as Queen Elizabeth’s husband, her consort and constant companion, but he had Royal titles despair long before they met.

Born a Prince of Greece and Denmark. During his career with the British Royal Navy, he met the 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth and was assigned to entertain her with a game of croquet.

The pair immediately hit it off.

He wrote to the Princess throughout World War Two, and when the war ended, the dashing Prince returned to England, renounced his right to the Greek throne, and became a British commoner.

It wasn’t long before the two were engaged.

Their Royal wedding in 1947 at Westminster Abbey brought a much-needed celebration to a country still reeling from war.

Prince Charles was born a year later.

Duke of Edinburgh

In 1952, Princess Elizabeth’s father, King George, the sixth, died of cancer, and Elizabeth became Queen.

Phillip took a commanding role in his children’s upbringing and education. He was a great sportsman who excelled in polo and sailing.

He toured the world both on his own and with his Queen, developing a passion for protecting endangered animals.

Prince Phillip was famous for his salty tongue, and his gaffes often made headlines, like when he told an African delegation dressed in traditional clothing, “they looked like they were ready for bed”.

Prince Phillip played a unique role in the Royal Family, one that his wife appreciated. “He has, quite simply, it being my strength and stay all these years”, the Queen once said

At age 97, Prince Phillip gave up his driver’s license following a crash near his country estate.

Over seven decades he completed more than 22,000 solo appearances and thousands more alongside his wife, The Queen.

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