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The first step towards the reopening of Thailand has been taken with the “Phuket Sandbox model”


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The first step towards the reopening of Thailand has been taken with the “Phuket Sandbox model”

Thailand is set to welcome international tourists again today. Phuket is the first destination in the kingdom where international tourists are allowed to enter the destination without quarantine and travel according to the “Phuket Sandbox model”.

Read more about the Phuket Sandbox model HERE

Do you have questions about the Phuket Sandbox model or would you like to receive more information? Please feel free to contact the Thai embassy in The Hague: [email protected]

Many of us know Phuket as an island of breathtakingly beautiful beaches. We actually know little that Phuket is also an island with cultural heritage, beautiful art and gastronomy. Phuket has many Chinese descendants from Fujian in China who settled here almost 200 years ago. As a major trading port of Southeast Asia, you’ll see a unique blend of art and architectural design in several Sino-Portuguese buildings in the old town. You will also find a wide range of food cultures in Phuket.

Are you curious about more information about the different heritages, arts or hotels? In this video, you will be taken through all the cultural heritages and different arts within Phuket and you will find more information about this.

Would you rather know more about gastronomy in Phuket? This video tells more about the different food cultures.

KLM has previously announced that it is extending its timetable for this summer. KLM recently added to this by expanding the winter timetable (31 October 2021 to 26 March 2022) with new destinations on the intercontinental network. The new destinations are Mombasa, Orlando, Cancun, Bridgetown, Port of Spain and Phuket.

This means good news for Thailand lovers! The Thai island of Phuket will be served four flights per week. For the time being, this will be the only Thai destination to which KLM will fly. As demand increases, we will operate more flights and/or deploy larger aircraft. Would you like more information about the expansion or would you like to know when you can book your flights?

Read more about it HERE.

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