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The forensic investigation of Mountain B nightclub in Sattahip begins while its owner is behind bars at a police station in Pattaya


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The forensic investigation of the roof of Mountain B nightclub has begun, with the aim of finding the cause of the fire, which killed 15 people and injured dozens, while owner “Sia B” is behind bars to ponder how this drama could have happened.

A group of construction workers has set up several scaffolding around the ruins of the Mountain B nightclub in preparation for the forensic team’s investigation.

Workers said the interior of the club was too dangerous to search because the ceiling is about to collapse, so Lieutenant General Thiti Sawang, commander of the Region 2 Provincial Police, has ordered entry to the roof from the outside.

In addition, the commander instructed his subordinates to investigate the alleged violation of the legal closing hours by the site in order to strengthen the legal actions of the affected families against 27-year-old owner Pongsiri Panprasong or “Sia B” of the Mountain B-.

According to the latest reports, agents from Plutaluang Police Station have taken Sia B to Pattaya Court to await a warrant for his detention. Initially, he is allegedly charged with causing the death of others through recklessness and operating a location without permission.

Police are also opposing his right to bail as his lawyer prepares an undisclosed sum of money to apply for his bail. Sitting in a prison van with his face completely hidden, Sia B reportedly said, “I’m sorry to the victims’ families.”

At the moment there are 15 dead, 11 men, 4 women and 40 injured, including very seriously injured patients. 20 people had to be intubated. There were 11 severe patients and 9 patients with mild conditions or. injuries.

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