The holiday island of Phuket is going to issue GPS tapes and install facial recognition cameras to prevent early departure from the island

Before and after entering the holiday island under the sandbox program from July 1, vaccinated foreign tourists must comply with a number of regulations.

The authorities want to ensure that holidaymakers do not infect locals and tourists with the coronavirus.

For example, all foreign tourists must stay in a SHA+ certified hotel for 14 days before they are allowed to travel to other provinces. Only Phuket vacationers can leave whenever they want but must take an international flight from the island. In addition, no T-tourists need to download the “Mor Chana” tracking app and are equipped with location tracking wristbands.

According to a report by the “Bangkok Post”, officials have confirmed that facial recognition cameras will also be installed.

Its purpose is to identify foreigners attempting to travel to other places in Thailand before their 14 days on Phuket have expired. Not only tourists are punished, but everyone who helps them.

The further requirements for the “Sandbox program” are: One must have proof of entry at the Thai embassy, ​​a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure, health insurance with a minimum of USD 100,000 coverage and proof of payment for a booking in a SHA+ hotel. Upon arrival at Phuket Airport, they will be re-tested for Covid-19 (at their own expense) before being taken to their accommodation. Further PCR tests follow on day 6 and day 13.

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