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The nightlife in Pattaya has improved, but most gogo’s bars are still closed


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The nightlife in Pattaya has improved, but most gogo’s bars are still closed

Since June 1, Pattaya’s go-go bars and air-conditioned men’s lounges have been allowed to open their doors under the government’s Covid instructions. But many seem to ignore the change in law or have chosen to take it easy for a while to survive as ‘restaurants’.

The Walking Street is “buzzing” even in the middle of the week, but the busiest venues are interactive and live music discos such as “808” and “Stones”.

The newly opened Cavalli mainly attracts Indians and replaces the nearby Nashaa club that mysteriously burned down last year.

But some once-famous gogos, like the Miami, are still closed and don’t seem to be undergoing renovations, with rent notices flapping in the wind at the door.

One or two of these catering establishments have already been bulldozed to the ground.

Others that were previously converted into restaurants seem to be happier if they were before June 1: bars and clubs where staff can interact with customers but avoid the go-go thing.

Ning Charoen, who has worked at Walking Street for 10 years, said: “Many of us don’t think gogos are worth the hassle until the midnight ban on alcohol sales is lifted.”

Sexy Soi Six, Soi LKMetro, and the Tree Town area of ​​Soi Buakhao are the other busiest areas in dark Pattaya, but there are no obvious differences since the so-called liberalization.

Many bars are open and run by ladies in skimpy dresses doing their best to win over customers, but there aren’t many places that call themselves gogos.

A manager told us that the complicated registration procedure for the health authorities, known as Thai Stop Covid2 Plus, is a thorny issue.

“People are waiting for the health regulations, such as B. checking the customer’s vaccination card, actually enforced.

It’s not much different in the gay scene in Boyztown and the Jomtien Complex. The complex has never hosted go-go bars, as the law prohibits them from being in a “residential area”. The twenty or so open bars and massage parlors were just as busy as last month.

While Boyztown has reopened some gogos, others in the area are still closed. The Cabaret entertainment, on the other hand, is now also available during the week and not just on weekends.

Overall, nightlife in Pattaya has certainly recovered in all areas, but that has nothing if not much to do with the acclaimed government reopening on June 1,……..at least not NOW.

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