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The stray dog ​​shelter in Pattaya has gone bust


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The stray dog ​​shelter in Pattaya has gone bust

The charity Sanguanchartisorakrai in this coastal town that has been caring for stray dogs in Pattaya for a decade has shut down, becoming another victim of the coronavirus pandemic.

the pl. Pattaya Mayor Manote Nongyai said the city had been informed that the Sanguanchartisorakrai Foundation would stop operating a huge shelter in Pong Canton as of May 31, leaving Pattaya Municipality for its 700 dogs. must take care.

The president of the Sanguanchartisorakrai Foundation, Surapol Sanguanchartisorakrai, stated on May 31 that the foundation had received some public and private support last year when the pandemic started, but there were hopes that Thailand could get the Covid19 pandemic under control.

Unfortunately, the situation is now worse than it was a year ago, and the foundation has no money to continue its dog rescue work, he said.

The coastal city of Pattaya previously funded the purchase of dog food at the kennel headed by Sanguanchartisorakrai, but was not responsible for actually managing the care of the dogs.

In the future, Pattaya, Pong Canton will seek permission to operate the facility, although Manote said it will not take all stray animals caught in the city there.

Instead, dog catchers will look for volunteers to take care of the dogs and keep them until they die.

Meanwhile, the city continues its efforts to sterilize stray dogs. Manote said more than 400 stray dogs are spayed a month, which has led to a noticeable decline in the stray population.

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