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The unidentified metal sphere underwater near Phuket is NOT a bomb!


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The unidentified metal sphere underwater near Phuket is NOT a bomb!

Although a strange metal object 6 meters underwater off the Phuket island of Koh Aeo has not yet been identified, officials have determined that it is not a bomb.

Much to the relief of local fishermen who saw the object and reported it on Friday, Thai naval officials determined the object to be harmless.

The spherical metal object was found underwater about 20 meters off Koh Aeo, a small forested island off the southern tip of the main island, between Phuket and Koh Phi Phi.

The Vice-Admiral of the Third Naval Area was called with a crew to investigate. The Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Center had originally received notification of the object from the local fishermen.

The object was described as about 18 inches in diameter and hollow, made of aluminium or a similar metal. The Thai EOD was called in to investigate the mysterious object while it was underwater on the seabed near Phuket at about 20 feet, and the Third Marine Zone Explosives Ordinance Unit was able to determine that the projectile was not dangerous.

Ko Aeo is a very small island near Koh Lone to the south of the main island of Phuket. With its rocky coasts and wooded land devoid of any beach, it is rarely visited and is not considered a useful destination for tourists or tourists. At one point, the island was being considered for the possibility of being turned into a monkey sanctuary, but the idea never took off.

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