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Monday, December 5, 2022

The well-known local pizza maker “Joe Pizzaking” in Pattaya is no more


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Before covid at some point, tourists and ex-pats have more than likely hunted down this man at night for a pizza, and WOW, they were good pizzas.

So, it is sad to say that our local pizza chef, known to many as “Joe Pizzaking”, has unfortunately died in hospital.

Joe was a street pizza vendor known for his amazing pizza skills and amazing personality. For a long time, Joe had been running his small pizza business and got the nickname Pizzaking from many of his customers.

His pizza business was something he loved and put his heart and soul into making it what it is today.

In addition to making pizza, Joe was passionate about raising fighting chickens and sports.

He lived a happy life and shared happiness with others through his pizzas. Joe died in a hospital amid his grieving families and relatives. His funeral will take place today at Wat Phothi Samphan

PattayaToday expresses our deepest condolences to Joe and his family.

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