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The whole world is facing a condom shortage

The whole world is facing a condom shortage

Condoms may be the next item to become scarcer as one of the world’s largest contraceptive manufacturers warns that a shortage is imminent.

One in five condoms in the world are manufactured at the Malaysian rubber factory “Karex Bhd”. In the current Covid19 pandemic, “Karex Bhd” has not been able to produce a single condom in any of its three Malaysian factories due to a government-imposed lockdown to stem the spread of the virus.

This has already created a potential shortfall of 1 billion condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state health systems such as the UK’s NHS or distributed by aid programs such as the UN Population Fund.

The company was allowed to restart production under a special exemption last Friday, but with only 50% of the workforce.

Makers of other critical items such as medical gloves have also faced hiccups in their manufacturing operations in Malaysia

The other major condom-producing countries are China, where the coronavirus originated and led to widespread factory closures, and India and Thailand.

In comments sent by email, a Durex spokesperson said operations are continuing as normal and the company was not experiencing any supply shortages. “For our consumers, many of whom do not have access to retail stores, our Durex online stores will remain open for business.”

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