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Thief Gang caught after robbing Singaporean man of over 300K


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Police Lieutenant General Surachet Hakpal, Police Major General Panurat Lakbun, Police Major General Pananchai Chuenjaitham, Police Major General Nakarin Sukhontawit, and Police Major Kampol Rattana Prathip along with other police officers from TACTICS, Thai Immigration Police, and the Huai Khwang Police Station reported on the 28 February of this year in front of the Huai Khwang Police Station the successful arrest of a 5 member thief gang that robbed a Singaporean man of over 300K THB through a turn of events from a mall in Huai Khwang Bangkok to the victims room near Makkasan Airport Link, then taking the victim to a resort in Chonburi and finally dumping him off at a gas station in Chonburi.

All of the 5 men were arrested, this includes Sirisit Sawang Ampai (Max) 32 years old, Anusorn Muensri (Ben) 36 years old, Nuntachai Ketuam (Nook) 24 years old, Kittisak Saiwiset 24 years old, and Attachai Tiyao (Ron) 24 years old.

Together with the 5 men the police also found items that were possibly used in the robbery, this includes, 1. A baseball bat, 2. A wooden stick, 3. 3 pairs of handcuffs, 4. 2 Walkie Talkies, 5. A Brass Knuckle, 6. A pair of black gloves, 7. A Black bag, 8.Black tape, and 9. GPS machine. The black Mitsubishi Pajero the vehicle used in the crime was found as evidence and a white Honda Civic the vehicle of the victim.

The incident took place on the 14th of February at around 1 am, the victim was walking to his vehicle parked at a mall in Huai Khwang when suddenly 5 men forced him to enter a black Mitsubishi Pajero. They drove to his room near Makkasan Airport Link to steal his belongings, they then drove him to a resort in Chonburi. Together the 5 men forced the Singaporean man to hand over about 351,150 THB. The victim was dropped off at 10 pm of the same day at a gas station in Chonburi.

The Singaporean man came to report the crime to the Huai Khwang police on the 23rd of February. The police investigated until they had an idea of who the 5 men might be, they filed for arrest warrants and successfully captured all 5 of the suspects. The 5 men admit that they did, in fact, kidnap the victim without his consent, but the victim owed them money.

Ben stated that he and the victim were betting on football together. In the past, Ben had successfully won the bet on the football results but the victim didn’t pay him his winnings of over 90K. The other 4 men had similar stories to Ben, together they decided to kidnap the victim to claim for their money.

On 11 February, 3 days before the robbery, the men tracked down the victim and attached a GPS device to the victim’s vehicle. On the 14th, they traveled to the mall and forced the victim to get into their vehicle without physically hurting the victim. Max was driving, Ben was in the front seat Kittisak and Ron sat in the back seat with the victim while Nook followed them with the victim’s vehicle.

They drove to Chonburi and forced the victim to call someone who was able to return what he owned them. When they received the money they decided to drop him off at a gas station in Chonburi then each of them went their separate ways.

The victim did not come to report the incident with the police straight away because he threatened not to tell the police. After he finally decided to bring the case to the police, the 5 men were caught within a few days. The suspects and the evidence have been handed to the investigation police at Huai Khwang police station to be used in the prosecution against the 5 men.

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