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Third Bangkok Bombing Suspect Arrested

BANGKOK — Another suspect has been arrested in connection to bomb attacks that rocked the capital on Aug. 2.

Muhammad Ilham Saeed, 28, was flown from a detention center in the Deep South to Bangkok for further interrogation on Monday, after he was arrested at a border checkpoint in Narathiwat on Aug. 5.

The police said investigators believe he was involved in planting an explosive device in front of the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Defense on Sri Saman Road on Aug. 2. He was accused of delivering the bomb to another perpetrator who then carried out the attack, before he fled to the southern border.

Four charges are to be brought against him: cooperating in criminal activity, possessing explosive devices, attempted manslaughter, and handling explosive devices in public spaces.

He’s set to be the third suspect prosecuted for allegedly conspiring in the bomb attacks. Police pressed the same charges against two southern men, Wildun Maha and Luai Sae-ngae, on Aug. 14.

Deputy police spokesman Police Col. Kritsana Pattanacharoen said on Monday that warrants so far have been issued against 13 other men alleged to be involved in the bomb attacks. He insisted that the suspects are not scapegoats and the investigation process is strictly following forensic evidence.

Five arrest warrants were also issued for four more men on Monday: Mayaki Malasing, 25 (two warrants), Usman Jeteh, 30, Sattha Awae, 29, and Sukree Duramana, 25.

The arrest came despite earlier claims by officials that the bomb in front of the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Defense was only an exploded spotlight. Khaosod English reporters at the scene found skid marks from ball bearings, a common component of improvised explosive devices.


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