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Third croc attack kills man; damaged habitat from illegal gold mining blamed

Third Croc Attack: Muslim, a resident of Aurgading village in Jujuhan district of Bunga regency in Jambi, died after being attacked by a 6-meter-long crocodile when he went to bathe in Jujuhan river on Saturday evening.


The village head, Hamrozi, said the past six months saw three crocodile attacks in the river, and he suspected the cause of the conflicts was the crocodiles’ decreasing habitat due to illegal gold mining in the river.

Hamrozi said the other two survived their attacks, but Muslim died a day after his.

Muslim, 45, escaped the attack at first, but he suffered severe injuries to his leg. “His left leg, from the thigh to the calf, was injured badly,” Hamrozi said on Sunday.

Muslim got treatment from a local herbalist and medical personnel at Hanafie Hospital in nearby Dharmasraya regency, but he succumbed to his injuries at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

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