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Three Thai tourists seriously injured in fall from bridge on Koh Larn


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Three Thai tourists suffered a serious blow after falling off a lookout bridge last weekend when a wooden bridge railing on Koh Larn collapsed.

Earlier this week, four ladies were taking photos on the lookout bridge at Sang Wan Beach. The bridge railing against which the women leaned broke and broke. According to their statement, the women were leaning against the bridge railing, when it suddenly broke and the party tumbled two meters down. All four ended up on the sharp rocks in the sea, three of them suffered serious injuries. One of them suffered only minor injuries. All four were taken to a local hospital for medical attention.

Local reporters went to the wooden bridge after the incident to view the area, which lies some 100 meters into the sea. Koh Larn residents claimed that this was not the first time this particular bridge had problems and claimed that other people had fallen in the past, although they had not been seriously injured. However, previous problems were not widely reported in the press. However, this particular incident went viral and attracted a lot of attention on Thai social media.

Pattaya City Hall is now repairing the bridge, in addition, Pattaya Municipality has paid 5,000 baht as compensation to each injured tourist.

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