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Tiger King is returning for a second season on Netflix later this year

The series that almost everyone with a Netflix subscription watched during the lockdown must be Tiger King. The story about Joe Exotic and his collection of tigers seemed too bizarre to be true at times. If you think it couldn’t get any crazier, Netflix has released a trailer for the sequel to the insane show. And yes: Tiger King 2 promises to be mind-blowing again.


The trailer shows that Joe Exotic from prison is far from done with his competitors. His nemesis Carole Baskin is still at large after the alleged murder of her husband and businessman Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren have taken over Joe’s zoo. Joe is out for revenge and seems willing to go far.


It has been known for some time that the breeding of wild tigers is not entirely ethical, but the trailer shows that there are still a lot of nasty details left unmentioned. Until now, because Tiger King 2 takes us even deeper into the rat hole of the tiger trade. The second part of the successful series can be seen from 17 November.

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