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Traditional Thai coffeeshop remains unchanged for over a CENTURY


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A small cafe just north of Bangkok has been selling hand-roasted coffee in the same spot for the last 114 years.

The Tia Yong Lii shop in Pathum Thani province has been using the same coffee recipe for more than a century at the same location.

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It was built along canals created for traders during the 1890s and would sell coffee to them as they travelled to and from Bangkok markets.

However, these days customers are now tourists, cyclists or locals enjoying day trips along the once busy trading route.

It is now owned by 60-year-old Ananchai Teeralapsuwon, who is the FOURTH generation of the same family, continuing the same daily routine as his father and grandfathers did before him.

That includes starting the day by hand-roasting coffee beans over hot coals for over than an hour.

One of the most popular choices is ‘Nhor Kao’ which simply translates as ‘two mouths,’ which is a mixture of coffee bean, tea leaf, condensed milk and sugar.

Even the prices haven’t changed much and Ananchai charges between ten and fifteen baht per cup.

For over a century his family have been buying their coffee bean and tea leaf from farms across Thailand as boat merchants passed by the shop on their way to the capital.

The mode of transport is just about the only thing that has changed over the years, which is a shame really.

Ananchai said that he would continue until he can no longer work and that he doesn’t need to increase his prices as he still lives very comfortably from his business.

Although he does say that he doesn’t think his own children will take over from him as they probably have ‘better prospects’ somewhere else.

He need not worry, I am sure there will be a queue of people lining up to continue this particular family tradition, although I expect that’s when the prices will start going up

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