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Traffic cops crack down on Soi Paniadchang

Traffic cops: Pattaya traffic police got on the ball and began ticketing and towing cars illegally parked on Soi Paniadchang following residents’ public complaints.

Pol. Maj. Arut Sapanon led a squad of traffic inspectors to the Trust Condominium on the central Pattaya street to meet condo executive Wanichaya Chaiyadech in hopes of solving the parking dilemma.

Residents and business owners occupying the shophouses along the narrow street claim that the large condominium hasn’t supplied enough parking for its tenants, and so the tenants are parking on the street.

Arut confirmed that cars parked on both sides of the street have reduced the street to one-way either direction, which was unacceptable. He said cars have been ticketed and towed, but they always return once officers disappear.

He also asserted the 100 percent of those ticketed live in Trust Condominium.

He and Wanichaya agreed to educate residents that they cannot park on the both sides of street.

Wanichaya insisted that the condo provides the legally amount of parking spaces – 30 percent of the total building’s units.

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