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Video: Car Crashes into back of ten wheel truck, four Thai Nationals killed

Thai Nationals killed: At 2:30AM on Saturday, November 24th, 2018, a black Honda Civic crashed into the back of a slow moving ten wheel truck delivering construction supplies and bricks on Sukhimvit Road in Sattahip in the Chonburi area.

The driver of the ten wheel truck, who was not injured, Mr. Saving Saudis, 60, stated that he had been leaving Wat Thungrad and driving at a slow speed. He was driving in the right lane when the Honda Civic hit the back of his truck in what he described as a thunderclap. Mr. Saudis pulled over his truck and stepped out to a horrific scene.

The Honda Civic had been nearly completely compressed during the incident. The driver and three passengers were all killed instantly. None of them were wearing seatbelts according to rescue officials on the scene.

Mr. Saudis called police and rescue officials who spent thirty minutes using cutting devices to get the deceased out of the vehicle.

The deceased were Mr. Thongpod Pongkan, 53, Mr. Jamut Bodin, 51, Mr. Jarus Saengchai, 45, and the driver who was not carrying identity or a license. The driver is believed to be a Thai National in his early fifties.

Police stated to The Pattaya News that they believe dangerous high speed was a factor in the crash and that the driver of the ten wheel truck was not at fault.

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