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Truck with 46 deceased migrants found in Texas


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Truck with 46 deceased migrants found in Texas

A truck containing at least 46 people was found yesterday in San Antonio, Texas. There were also sixteen living people in the body, including four children. Authorities say the people are migrants who were smuggled across the border in the truck.

The truck was parked in a secluded spot along the track. Someone working nearby noticed the vehicle and heard someone calling for help. He also saw several bodies lying through the half-open doors, after which the police were called.

Once on the scene, the police found “piles of bodies”. The living people were dehydrated and overheated. They have been taken to hospital. In San Antonio it was about 40 degrees at the time and there appeared to be no working cooling system in the truck. There was also no drinking water.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the discovery of the deceased. What exactly they have to do with it is still unclear. The identity of the victims is still unknown.

At the US-Mexico border, migrants are often illegally smuggled into the US via trucks. That has often gone wrong, such as in 2017, when eight dead people were found in a truck at a supermarket. Later two more died.

The local police chief calls the truck found yesterday “the deadliest people smuggling case” he has ever witnessed. The mayor speaks of a ” horrible human tragedy” .

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