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Twenty people arrested in a restaurant in Pattaya for flouting Covid19 measures


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A restaurant near Bali Hai pier is said to have violated the emergency decree, it was the second time that the police raided this catering establishment.

During a patrol in the Bali Hai area, city police discovered that a restaurant (Sky Mountain) was reportedly found open outside the legal curfew and serving alcohol to guests, in violation of current Covid19 laws and the emergency decree. More than 50 guests were found in the restaurant, according to statements from Pattaya City Law Enforcement.

The law enforcement department told the local press that the restaurant was being ordered to close immediately. An employee of the restaurant, whose name was not released by the city police, reportedly did not cooperate with the closure.

The law enforcement department called the city police, and as more and more police arrived, many customers fled, the official report said. Some of the guests ran into the bushes below Pattaya’s vantage point and others reportedly ran into the sea across the street to escape the long arm of the police.

Nevertheless, the Pattaya police managed to prevent all the guests from escaping but stated that many of them managed to disappear into the dark via the nearby forest or beach.

The Pattaya Police Department reported that 20 Thai nationals and foreign customers, including employees of the restaurant, have been taken to the Pattaya Police Station. Police also confiscated illegal hookah pipes that were present at the site, according to their statements.

The diners were accused of violating curfew rules and rules surrounding Covid-19 measures such as social distancing, alcohol consumption in groups and not wearing face masks, while the restaurant manager was charged with violating the emergency decree and provincial disease control order.

According to Pattaya City Police, this is the second time the restaurant has violated Covid19-related regulations and has been raided by authorities as a result.

Pattaya police warned that selling alcohol in restaurants remains against the law and that all bars and entertainment venues remain legally closed. They stated that they would continue to enforce these laws and the curfew-related rules in the Pattaya area, saying that they had not made the rules, but their job was to enforce them.

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