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Two drunken young men in Pattaya arrested for various offenses including molesting a police officer


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Two allegedly intoxicated young men who, according to Pattaya police, violated the current Covid-19 emergency decree by failing to observe the curfew have reportedly assaulted police while they were being arrested.

Around midnight yesterday, Pattaya patrol police arrested two men named Suriya Mahamart 25-year-old and Chaisiri Rittidon 22-year-old who were allegedly intoxicated.

The two men were described by Banglamung police as “extremely aggressive” and reportedly used multiple verbal insults and refused to show identification or proper paperwork when initially detained. They also refused to submit to the standard alcohol breathalyzer test.

Police were on patrol at the Numchai intersection when they saw two men on their motorcycles drifting along the road. The police decided to detain the suspects for a routine investigation and to determine if they were allowed to be outside during the curfew.

In coastal town Pattaya, there is currently a provincial ban on staying in the house from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

The two suspects were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, public intoxication and breaking curfews, during which the men tried to resist, attacking a police officer who injured the shoulder.

Meanwhile, the officer called for reinforcements, who responded quickly and managed to arrest the two suspects. The two men were eventually taken to the Pattaya Police Station.

Police said that in addition to charges of violating the curfew, violating the emergency decree, violating the Chonburi provincial disease control orders, drink-driving and public intoxication, the two young men are now also facing assault with intent to kill. bodily harm to a police officer.

They remained in police custody from the time the press went to press, while the injured officer was taken to a local hospital for medical attention. It was not immediately known whether the two men had a lawyer and they made no public statement about their alleged behaviour. They could face years in prison and heavy fines for this incident.

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