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Two elderly Thai boys, aged 69 and 72, fight in Buriram over the hand of a 31-year-old woman


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Two elderly Thai boys, aged 69 and 72, fight in Buriram over the hand of a 31-year-old woman

A ‘menage a trois’ between 2 elderly men and a 31-year-old woman in Buriram culminated in a shooting, later the Thai younger beauty said she felt nothing for both elderly men. She had just gone through a breakup and had some tobacco from it for the time being.

Commissioner Pongsakorn Ornsaluay of Satuek District, Buriram Province, received a report after a person was shot and taken to Satuek Hospital without delay.

Police discovered that 69-year-old Samran had been shot in the right leg and was about to undergo surgery to remove the bullet at Buriram Hospital.

Police took 72-year-old Thongpun, the prime suspect, to Satuek Police Station for investigation. Thongpun stated that he did not shoot Samran. He also stated that there are no personal issues with Samran. There is a woman named Namfon that he doesn’t care about even though he did give her money in the past.

Namfon, 31, stated that she just broke up with her boyfriend 2 months ago. Samran and Thongpun have both lost their wives and try to get into her love life through all sorts of flattery.

Not long before the incident, 69-year-old Samran asked Namfon never to visit Thongpun’s house. She thinks they fought and one of them shot the other.

Namfon knows that they are both jealous of her and the date of the incident is also her birthday. Namfon doesn’t feel anything for the two older men, she doesn’t want a future with them either. She did not mention that Thongpun helped her financially. Police will continue to investigate both men to find out what happened and whether Thongpun was the person who shot Samran on the date of the incident.

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